The 2018 Guide to a Car Accident Cash Advance and Pre Settlement Funding

American Pride Legal Funding (APLF) can provide a car accident cash advance within 24 hours of approval.  To obtain a car accident loan it helps to understand the nature of automobile accident claims.  Automobile accidents are used to describe any vehicle accident.  It can involve cars, trucks, motorcycles, or a combination thereof.  Understanding the details of an auto accident claim will assist you in securing an auto accident pre settlement loan.  And help you follow your case until final settlement.  By reading this tutorial you’ll have a better understanding of how motor vehicle accident claims resolve from start to finish.  And if you might qualify for a car accident settlement loan.

Car accident loans are the most common type of personal injury settlement loan.  And we can help you get one.  We’ve helped thousands of people just like you who require financial assistance after a car accident.  The best feature of a lawsuit loan or lawsuit advance is that you don’t have to payback any money if you don’t win your case.  It’s risk free.  Obtaining an auto accident settlement loan is non-recourse (which means you only pay back the money if you win your case).  So, in fact a car accident loan is not a loan at all, that’s why we call it a car accident cash advance.  

Soft Tissue Injuries vs. Hard Injuries and Your Car Accident Cash Advance

Injuries such as a sprained or strained back, neck, knee, or ankle are referred to as soft tissue injuries because they involve only muscles and soft connective tissue.  Insurance companies regard them as less serious than hard injuries.  Insurers typically calculate that soft tissue injuries are not permanent or severe no matter how painful they may be.  Hard Injuries as the name indicates are considered more serious and increase the value of your lawsuit and make it much easier to obtain a personal injury lawsuit loan.

Property Damage has a big impact on your case value and how large of an auto accident loan you might be offered by a lawsuit funding company.  If your car is damaged in an accident, whether you were driving, someone else was driving, or it was parked, you have a claim for damage to your vehicle.  This is a property damage claim. 

Bodily injury is also referred to as a BI claim.  These are claims which are intended to compensate you for any injury you suffer due to negligence.  As with property damage claims, the main philosophy is to return the injured person to the state they were in before the accident.

Motor Vehicle Insurance and Your Car Accident Loan

Next, let’s talk about motor vehicle insurance and how it affects your qualification for an auto accident loan.  The first and usually the only place a person injured in a vehicle accident turns for compensation is to the other driver’s liability insurance company.  Almost all states require that every registered vehicle of a licensed driver have some vehicle liability insurance.

Considering the cost of medical care, the minimum amount of coverage in some states is very low- however most people carry coverage that is above the legal minimum requirement. 

The other driver’s liability insurance will play a large part in whether you can qualify for a pre settlement loan on your auto accident and how much you have available for a car accident cash advance.  Many times, the driver in the other car in your accident will be covered by liability insurance and that’s all you’ll need to know.  But disputes over liability coverage do develop.  Most of them revolve around whether the driver or vehicle in the accident fits into any of the specific categories included or excluded from a liability policy. 

Liability Insurance and Obtaining Pre Settlement Funding

Liability insurance covers the following costs:  medical costs for diagnosis and treatment of injuries, property damage, loss of use of damaged property, expenses incurred, and lost income.  In addition, an injured person is entitled to a certain amount of general damages also referred to as pain and suffering. 

How high your medical bills are plays an important role in determining the qualification and amount of your personal injury lawsuit loan.  There is much to discuss on medical bills and case value.  But typically, the higher the medical bills, the more significant the injury, and thus the higher the case value.  However, if the bills are too high they act as a large lien against the case and can prevent funding approval. 

Also, properly presenting and documenting your accident can be critical to settling you claim.  The amount of a property damage claim is pretty cut and dried: the amount to replace your car or repair it, plus some incidentals. 

The goal of a property damage claim is to avoid losing money; while the goal of the injury claim is to make money.  This amount can vary greatly.  Your lawsuit loan qualification will largely be determined by your injury claim and determine how large of a car accident cash advance you may be offered by a pre settlement funding company

The Condition of the Car May Affect Your Injury Claim Case Value and if you Qualify for a Car Accident Cash Advance

In determining, your compensation for injuries from a traffic accident, an insurance adjuster will likely look at the condition of the cars involved to help gauge the extent of your injuries. 

This can help or hurt your claim.

If the car in which you were driving, or riding was badly smashed, that supports the idea that your injuries were severe and painful.  Your lawyer will typically include photographs of your damaged car in the demand letter and refer to them during your settlement negotiations.  Either the size of the repair bill or the fact that the vehicle was totaled can support your claim of painful injuries. 

Conversely, if there is minimal damage to the car or truck that you were in, you will have a more difficult time convincing the defendant’s insurance adjuster that your injuries deserve more than minimal compensation.  Additionally, if there is a lack of damage and your injuries are soft tissue in nature and your treatment consisted only of physical therapy or chiropractic care, there is a higher probability that an insurance adjuster may refuse to pay anything other than your medical bills. 

In these instances, obtaining a cash advance on your auto accident will be difficult and the lawsuit advance will probably not be more than $1000.

The seriousness of your injuries, your overall case value and final settlement is in large part determined by the following factors:

  • exact nature of the injuries
  • the amount and type of your medical treatment
  • how long your recovery takes
  • whether you have any residual or permanent pain or disability

In most cases, it is not possible to know fully what any of these elements will be until weeks or months after treatment has ended.  Your attorney will not want to settle your claim to early, because it may be based on incomplete medical information and could undervalue your claim.  Obtaining a pre settlement loan on you auto accident can provide you the financial assistance you need after a car accident and help maintain the overall value of your case.

To an insurance adjuster and the defendant’s insurance company in general, the longer the recovery of an auto accident victim, the greater the individual’s pain and suffering.

And to a lawsuit funding company this allows the underwriter to value that person’s case higher and potentially provide a larger cash advance on their pending lawsuit.  

It’s important to keep up with your medical care for your case and to obtain a car accident cash advance.

The only way your recovery and injuries, make it into the medical record is if you report your progress by continually going to your doctor visits.  Many clients get tired of going to the doctor where he writes one entry, nods, and sends them a bill for the 15 minute visit that is 40 minutes out of their way. 

But going to your follow up doctor visits indicates that your injury is ongoing and documents continuing pain.  This is a very important part of validating and demonstrating how badly you were hurt.

If you decide that a car accident cash advance is right for you, just give us a call and start the process.  At American Pride Legal Funding, we offer you the most transparent application process available including:

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